The Centre for Quantum Software and Information is recruiting for up to two Postdoctoral Research Associates or Postdoctoral Research Fellows to be involved in a new program analysing the utility of quantum computing for specific problem domains and developing tools to allow for estimating the size of an error corrected quantum computer to implement useful, large-scale algorithms. The position will be based at the centrally located UTS Campus in Ultimo and will report directly to Dr Simon Devitt.

You will develop theoretical schemes for quantum-enhanced sensing of novel phenomena such as gravitational effects in massive quantum superpositions, as well as the quantum aspects of gravity more generally. Particular emphasis is to be placed on the experimental feasibility of these schemes in interferometric and other setups on optical, mechanical, optomechanical or other platforms. Consequently, it will also develop methods of combating decoherence effects in these schemes, for instance by employing strategies from quantum information science.

We have postdoc openings in quantum information and computation theory at UCL, hosted in the Computer Science and Physics Departments with Profs. Toby Cubitt, Dan Browne and Lluis Masanes.

For further details, and to apply for the position, see here:

We offer you an exciting and varied role in an international and interdisciplinary working environment. The position is initially for a fixed term of 2 years, with possible long-term prospects. Salary and social benefits will conform to the provisions of the Collective Agreement for the Public Service (TVöD-Bund) depending on the applicant’s qualifications and the precise nature of the tasks assigned to them.

We are looking for a motivated researcher to join our new Quantum Magnetometry Facility, based on a scanning single spin quantum sensor operating down to cryogenic temperatures. The candidate is expected to push research using the facility, investigating quantum many-body physics and magnetism in 2D materials and moiré heterostructures.


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