The Ultracold Quantum Gases group at ICFO (Barcelona), led by Leticia Tarruell, is inviting applications for one PhD and one postdoctoral position in experimental AMO physics, within the frame of the ERC-funded project SuperComp.

The Centre for Quantum Software and Information is recruiting for up to two Postdoctoral Research Associates or Postdoctoral Research Fellows to be involved in a new program analysing the utility of quantum computing for specific problem domains and developing tools to allow for estimating the size of an error corrected quantum computer to implement useful, large-scale algorithms. The position will be based at the centrally located UTS Campus in Ultimo and will report directly to Dr Simon Devitt.

UTS has been granted an exemption under section 126 of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1997 (NSW) (ADA) to conduct a targeted recruitment program for Women. For this role, only applications from female candidates will be considered.

One postdoctoral scholarship position is available in the group of Jorge Cayao at the Quantum Matter Theory Program at Uppsala University, Sweden.
The group studies different topics in the field of condensed matter theory, including topological matter, non-Hermitian physics, Floquet phases, and odd-frequency superconductivity.

There is 1~2 opening positions for postdoc candidates in the group of “Quantum many-body physics and quantum information in cold atoms” (QMQICA) led by Prof. Dr. Yongchang Zhang at Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU), Xi’an, China. If you are interested in quantum many-body physics, dipolar cold-atom physics, and quantum information, and would like to pursue exciting research in these areas, please do not hesitate to contact ( for more information about this position. The successful candidate will work with Dr.


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