The quantum information theory group of Dagmar Bruss at the Institute
for Theoretical Physics, University of Duesseldorf (Germany) is inviting
applications for 2 postdoctoral positions and 3 PhD positions. Some of
the positions are BMBF-funded via cooperative research projects
(QSolid, QuKuK). The successful candidates will collaborate with
national and international partners. The specific research aims
are as follows:

We are looking for talented early-career scientists with strong track record in experimental and theoretical quantum physics join the our efforts in quantum information processing using bosonic modes, both in theory and experiments.

Contact: Javier Prior Arce
Universidad de Murcia

The research groups of Profs. Thierry Bastin and John Martin are offering a new joint theoretical postdoctoral position in the field of quantum entanglement. The research project is encompassed in a large national effort aiming to prepare Belgium for the new era of quantum technologies via the Excellence Of Science (EOS) grant “Creating Highly Entangled Quantum States in the NISQ era” (CHEQS). This is the second postdoctoral position to be filled in this framework.

Applications are invited for a postdoctoral position in the areas of quantum simulation, quantum cellular automata, quantum walks and quantum algorithmic at the


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