PhD position in theoretical quantum optics and atomic physics

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Friday, June 30, 2023

The Theory Group at Laboratoire Collisions Agrégats Réactivité, Université Paul Sabatier (Toulouse, France) is looking for a highly motivated PhD candidate to work on light-matter interfaces with 1D ordered atomic ensembles.
Light-matter interfaces are key to quantum devices such as optical memories, gates or switches. Disordered cold atomic ensembles have been particularly studied so far. By contrast, the present project aims at theoretically investigating the properties and applications for quantum memories and gates of two specific platforms involving 1D ordered atomic samples in a Bragg configuration, (i) a macroscopic sample trapped in a periodic 1D optical lattice and (ii) a chain of individual atoms trapped in the evanescent field of an optical nanofiber, i.e. a tapered fiber whose radius is less than the wavelength of the guided light.
The PhD student will (i) model the interaction of multilevel atoms with an optical nanofiber and simulate the propagation of quantum light along a 1D atomic array, and (ii) design new storage and entangling gate protocols taking advantage of the specific features of each platform.
The student will be supervised by E. Brion (Theory team, LCAR – Toulouse) and will benefit from the collaboration with two experimental world-leading teams involved in the project, i.e. the “Quantum Networks Team” at LKB – Paris (J. Laurat & A. Urvoy) and the “Cold Atoms Team” at INPHYNI – Nice (W. Guérin).
Areas of expertise : Theoretical quantum optics, nanophotonics and atomic physics.
Required skills : Strong background in mathematics, quantum mechanics, atomic physics and quantum optics is preferrable. Skills in scientific programming would also be an asset to the project.

Please submit your application via e-mail to as one single PDF document including a letter of motivation, a CV (indicating your contact information, work history, list of publications, knowledge areas of physics and engineering, language skills, university degrees and grades, honours and awards) and the contact details of two possible referees. The screening of the applications will continue until the position is filled.