PhD position at the Univerisity of Kassel, Germany

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Starting time: as soon as possible
Application Deadline: 21 Feb 2019

Please submit your electronical application to, with the reference number 32083 stated in the subject line.

The project aims to exploit the laws of thermodynamics and realize thermo-machines at the ultimate limit of a single atom [1,2,3]. Utilizing state-of-the art techniques in single-ion trapping and laser state manipulation, our previous experiments have demonstrated a full Otto-cycle heat engine using a single Calcium ion in a linear Paul trap [1]. This experiment opened a new realm for investigating thermodynamics at the single-atom level and in the quantum regime. Throughout this project we seek to provide experimental answers to many interesting questions when thermo-dynamics meet the quantum world.

[1] A single-atom heat engine, Science, 352, 325-329 (2016).
[2] Nanoscale Heat Engine Beyond the Carnot Limit, Phys. Rev. Lett., 112, 030602 (2014).
[3] Single-Ion Heat Engine at Maximum Power, Phys Rev. Lett., 109, 203006 (2012).

For further questions please contact Prof. Dr. Kilian Singer, Tel .: 0561-804-4235 / 4260, E-Mail:

◾Master degree in physics (or equivalent) with at least a good degree of success.

The following skills will be advantageous for an successful application:
◾Knowledge in quantum optics, quantum information, laser physics
◾Good English mastery
◾Programming experiences in C / C ++
◾ Experience in dealing with diode lasers, vacuum chambers, electronics, computers

Working Language: English

Required Documents:
◾Degree certificates
◾Transcripts of records
◾Letter of motivation

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