Theory Division, Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics

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Theory Division

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The Theory Division started its activities in December 2001. Since then, we carry out theoretical research in Quantum Information Theory, Quantum Optics and Information, and Quantum Many-Body systems.

Our main goals can be summarized as follows. First,we propose and analyze experiments that aim at observing and discovering interesting quantum phenomena in atomic systems. Second, we investigate how atomic systems can be controlled and manipulated at the quantum level using lasers, and how such systems can be scaled up in a controlled way. Third, we participate in the development of a theory of Quantum Information which will be the basis of several applications in the world of communication and computation once microscopic systems can be completely controlled at the quantum level. Four, we apply the ideas and concepts developed in the field of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information to other fields, in particular that of Condensed Matter Physics. Our work is done in strong collaboration with several theoretical and experimental groups inside and outside our Institute, and benefits very much from the visits of many scientists from different institutions around the world.