The group led by Prof. Alexey Ustinov is located at the university campus of KIT and has a long successful record of exploring the physics of superconducting circuits, both classical and quantum. We are using superconducting qubits for state-of-the-art experiments, challenge new physics questions and explore opportunities for the next generation of quantum information processing. Our group pioneered frequency domain multiplexing readout of qubits, detection and manipulation of microscopic two-level defects, and studied qubit arrays as quantum metamaterials.

We are a young experimental research group, interested in improving our understanding and control of the photonic properties of nanostructured materials and devices. In our work, we combine material development with photonic and optoelectronic device design to come up with new concepts for next generation sensing and energy technologies. To unravel the underlying physical phenomena in these systems, we employ a variety of spatially-resolved transient spectroscopy techniques.

The Quantum Optics in the Solid-State (QOSS) Group at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) is an experimental research group devoted to the study of light-matter interaction at the nanoscale. We are a dynamic and innovative team of experimentalists dedicated to exploring the fascinating intersection of quantum optics and novel quantum materials.

The Cold and Controlled Molecules and Ions Group at the University of Basel (Switzerland), headed by Prof. Stefan Willitsch, specialises in the preparation and control of cold molecules and molecular ions and their applications. The research of the group is highly interdisciplinary, situated at the interface between quantum optics, quantum physics, chemistry and the nanosciences.


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