If you are establishing your career as a leading scientist in micro- and nanofabrication and want to build a strong group and a teaching portfolio with access to a worldwide renown university cleanroom we have an offer for you.

The National Centre for Nano Fabrication and Characterization at DTU Nanolab invites applications for a position as full professor in silicon nanofabrication with focus on MEMS, NEMS, nano-electronics/photonics, and quantum device applications.

The Polyquantique research group led by Nicolás Quesada specializes in quantum photonics and quantum information. The group is looking for highly motivated candidates at all levels (graduate students, postdocs) with expertise or interest in quantum photonics, quantum information, quantum optics, quantum metrology, quantum error correction, topological photonics or machine learning.

About the group

Quantum Optics Lab is located at the Özyeğin University in Istanbul. Our activities span a large spectrum from development of a intra-campus quantum network to quantum memories based on cold and hot atomic ensembles. We also conduct research about quantum imaging using entangled photon pairs In our group we have an open Post Doctorate positions as part of a project funded by TUBITAK.

Quantum properties of integrated frequency combs for applications in computing, communications and sensing

We are looking for a talented and enthusiastic candidate for a fully funded PhD studentship at the Institute of Photonics (, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK.

Telecommunications operators have an increasing need for security in their networks in order to face malicious intents and provide their customers with highly secure services (i.e. defense, banking, health, 4.0 industry…).


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