POSTDOCTORAL POSITION A postdoctoral position opens in autumn 2015 at the Quantware group of the Laboratory for Theoretical Physics, CNRS and University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France (website This position is funded by the LABEX NEXT in the framework of the grant TRAFIC (quantum TRAnsport Fluctuations wIth Cold atoms) attributed to a team composed of the permanent researchers Gabriel Lemarié and Bertrand Georgeot (theory) (webpages and and David Guéry-Odelin and Juliette Billy (experiments) (webpage

The research project is centered on theoretical studies of quantum transport with cold atoms in disordered or chaotic systems in connection with experiments realized in the cold atom group of David Guéry-Odelin and Juliette Billy. The candidate should have a good knowledge of quantum mechanics, theoretical physics and computer simulations. Expertise in mesoscopic physics, cold atoms or quantum chaos would be a plus. Citizenship does not matter.

The Quantware group is part of the Laboratory for Theoretical Physics at CNRS and University Paul Sabatier. The Laboratory is also internationally recognized in the fields of mesoscopic physics, many-body interaction systems, high Tc superconductivity, quantum and classical chaos, statistical physics.

The position is available for 12 months. There is a possibility of applying for two additional years on another funding source. In addition to the salary, health insurance, retirement and unemployment benefits, plus support for travels are provided. The successful candidate is expected to take the position by autumn 2015, but the precise date can be shifted by mutual agreement.

Applicants should provide a CV with the list of publications, a motivation letter, and arrange for two or more letters of recommendation to be sent before SEPTEMBER 30, 2015 (all preferably via e-mail) to:

Bertrand Georgeot Address: Laboratoire de Physique Theorique, UMR 5152 du CNRS Universite Paul Sabatier, 118, route de Narbonne, 31062 Toulouse Cedex, FRANCE fax: (33) 61 55 60 65 phone: (33) 61 55 65 63 e-mail: georgeot(at)

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