QICM reading list

Reading lists for topics on the interface between quantum information theory and condensed matter

(created for/by participants at the ASPEN workshop Quantum information in quantum gravity and condensed matter, 2011

Readings in 2d CFT

There was some interest indicated in review articles in (2-dimensional) conformal field theory.

  • As far as I know, Paul Ginsparg's Les Houches lectures remain one of the best:

  • John Cardy's Les Houches lectures (from the same school) are also excellent. These are from the standpoint of Euclidean QFT.

  • For books, I recommend Cardy's "Scaling and Renormalization in Statistical Physics" (again, the emphasis is on 2d equilibrium stat mech rather than 1+1 *quantum* field theory); and also De Francesco et al's "Conformal Field Theory", though it is a big book and though very clearly written perhaps better for a second pass or detailed reference.

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