QIPC Strategic Report

Quantum Information Processing and Communication Strategic Report

At the 5th European QIPC Workshop (September 2004 in Rome) a special session was organized by FET, titled "Perspectives for QIPC in the Seventh Framework Program". The main point was that input towards the European Commission would be needed on the part of the scientific community for the preparation of the Seventh Framework Program. There was a general discussion on the actions to be taken with the aim to promote QIPC research in Europe, strengthen its image in a coherent way, unify the research community by elaborating a common European strategy and goals, and, especially, provide the required input to the European Commission, reaching in an appropriate way decision makers. It was then decided

  1. to write a strategic report including an assessment of current results and an outlook on future efforts, and
  2. to expand the strategic report with
    • a detailed technical assessment,
    • a summary of long and medium term goals, and
    • visions and challenges for QIPC in Europe.

P. Zoller was nominated as the editing author and the coordinator of a committee in charge of this. Work on the document started immediately afterwards.

On the 10th of May, the QIPC strategic document reached a stable version that was published in electronic form at the IST-FET website; since then, it is being updated regularly in the context of the EC funded project ERA-Pilot QIST by its Workpacage 1. In particular Version 1.1 of the document (July 2005), has been delievered to the European Commission FET Open Unit for desktop publication as an official EU Document; moreover an excerpt of it has been published in Eur. Phys. J. D 36, 203-228 (2005) (which is the way to cite the document, if needed).

The document has been since then updated 5 times by two different Coordination Actions: first the ERA-Pilot QIST and then QUROPE.

This Quantiki version of the QIPC roadmap, is updated to version 1.5 of the roadmap, and especially during the consultation process running from the 1st of October 2009 to the 1st of November 2009, it is intended as a mean for the QIPC community to

  • elaborate a document reflecting its real and true needs;
  • provide feedback to the roadmap committee by developing topics which you think they were not adequately addressed, or introducing totally new ones (but read the Disclaimer before modifying the document)

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