Quantum Information Classification Scheme

Quantum Information Classification Scheme© (QICS)

The Quantum Information Classification Scheme© has been elaborated by the ERA-Pilot WP1 with the ambitious goal of producing a classification scheme of QIST related topics that can be widely accepted by the research community. The classification scheme developed so far has been evidently inspired by the APS PACS scheme (the ultimate goal would be to have it compatible with PACS and eventually to join the latter). The scheme is arranged hierarchically, by subdivision of the whole spectrum of subject matter in the QIST areas into segments and then repeating the process of subdivision down to four levels (Categories, Topics, Fields, and Sub-fields). Therefore, as already happens in the APS PACS, similar subjects will be found grouped closely together, with browsing up and down near any entry revealing closely related entries.

QICS are available in different formats (html, pdf) from the ERA-Pilot QIST WP1 web site, which provides also a search engine for them. Moreover WP1 is contacting several journals in order to run a large scale test for these codes. The purpose of this test would be twofold: from the one hand it would spread the QICS inside the QIPC community; on the other hand, we expect it to trigger community feedback in the form of comments, suggested changes and/or new codes, that can be either sent directly to the ERA-Pilot WP1 through the QICS feedback form available at the ERA-Pilot WP1 website, or implemented directly in this Wiki version of the QICS. Both community suggestions will be continuously addressed, and if relevant will appear in subsequent updates of the codes (which are scheduled to take place every two-to-three months). What you find in these pages will always be the most up-to-date version of the codes.

Journals that have agreed to run the QICS test (by sending a special note in the acknowledgement of receipt of a paper inviting the authors of the QIST and related areas to provide their QICS codes in addition to the usual PACS ones, with the former appearing in the printed version of the paper) are the following:

You are reminded that the Quantiki version of the QICS should be regarded as an unofficial version of the QICS, and QICS codes that appears in these pages but NOT in the official QICS list should not be used until they are approved and included in the latter (read also this Disclaimer if you have not done it yet).

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