Wiki Syria

Wiki Syria

Arab project volunteer being established him in Syria in order to enrich and coordinate the DAC technology, wikis, was launched in December 2009, under the slogan "project to support Arabic content through technology wiki" to promote the universality of the Arabic language and Almitha, and complement the knowledge society and learning through a series of scientific and cultural activities to support similar activities in the economy and society, based on the centrality of language in the life and impact of the renaissance of Nations will be authored scientific content dynamically active method corresponds to the free the free encyclopedia "Wikipedia is" with no modifications necessary to add regarding the identity of the Editors and scientific credibility.

The group receive guidance from the national team to support Arabic content and encouragement from some distinguished professors at the University of Damascus.


Group looks forward to enhance the generation of knowledge in the framework of official attitudes to achieve a knowledge society and knowledge-based economy began to students interested in general knowledge and promoting the culture of initiative and leadership in the pattern of an integrated cooperative support the Arabic language clear and soft


1. Scientific progress Arabic content on the Ahabkp

2. The development of creative thinking and collective ways of thinking

3. Adoption encyclopedia entry point for scientific research methodological

4. Check the clarity of language and terminology in writing encyclopedic.

5. Participatory and dynamic in the construction and access to information.

Why is a free encyclopedias

- The need for a scientific encyclopedia in general and other specialized inter-linked and are consistent in their components.

- The importance of participation between the various scientific disciplines and spectrum of scientific and research and student

- The importance of continuous development and serious cooperation between business and education sector, academic and scientific research

- Contribute to the creation of a consolidated database of educational institutions and scientific research centers

- The need to cope with the age of information and communication in dynamic and relational

What are the activities undertaken by the group

1 - Cooperation with the scientific and public and private media entities for the construction of accurate scientific content.

2 - Definition Bamoosoat electronic and global efforts in digital content creation

3 - IT training and writing encyclopedic wiki is central to the start of each activity for later

4 - Establish and workshops based translation from various disciplines to supplement the Arab scientific content

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