We are looking for a highly motivated postdoc for the quantum information experimental research with trapped-ion systems.

We have two research topics (with supporting grants);
- An efficient ion-photon interface for quantum network
- A full-stack trapped-ion based quantum computing system with up to 5 qubits.

Proven expertise in AMO experiments and/or embedded systems will be valued.

If you're interested, please send me your CV and Statement of Research to Junki.kim.q@skku.edu.

Applications are now open for the position of PhD scholars at the Centre for Quantum Engineering, Research and Education (CQuERE). The programme is a joint endeavour by TCG CREST and IIT Tirupati (IITT).


Monday, April 25, 2022

Submission deadline: 

Monday, April 25, 2022

Registration deadline: 

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Quantum computing is offering a novel perspective for solving combinatorial optimization problems. To fully explore the possibilities offered by quantum computers, the problems need to be formulated as unconstrained binary models, taking into account limitation and advantages of quantum devices. In this work, we provide a detailed analysis of the Travelling Salesman Problem with Time Windows (TSPTW) in the context of solving it on a quantum computer.

Two postdoc positions are available at the Center for Quantum Research and Technology at the University of Oklahoma, one in AMO experiment and one in AMO theory. Open until filled.

Quantum Use-Case Developer
Parity Quantum Computing GmbH
(Innsbruck, Full time, m/w/x)

Quantum Algorithm Developer
Parity Quantum Computing GmbH
(Innsbruck, Full time, m/w/x)

Quantum Compiler Developer
Parity Quantum Computing GmbH
(Innsbruck, Full time, m/w/x)

Postdoc position in theoretical quantum information science is available at the Centre for Quantum Optical Technologies (QOT) at the University of Warsaw. Successful candidate will work within the project ExTRaQT (Experiment and Theory of Resources in Quantum Technologies), funded by the QuantERA ERA-NET Cofund in Quantum Technologies. ExTRaQT is a consortium of mathematicians, theoretical and experimental physicists as well as molecular spectroscopists that will develop the theoretical and experimental foundations for quantum resource manipulation and, in a close collaboration across these fields, demonstrate experimentally key elements of quantum scale heat engines and apply these concepts to gain new insights into quantum dynamics of bio-molecular systems.

The Trapped Ion Quantum Technology group at Stockholm University invites applications for a PhD position to work on cryogenic chip traps for quantum computing with trapped Rydberg ions. The position is funded through the project ‘Brisk Rydberg Ions for Scalable Quantum Processors’ (BRISQ) which is financed by the European Union.

The project goals are the following:

(i) To design and set up a cryogenic system for testing and operating chip traps suitable for Rydberg ion quantum computation.

The Trapped Ion Quantum Technology group at Stockholm University invites applications for two postdoctoral positions on our trapped Rydberg ion experiments. The first position is to work on our existing room-temperature experimental setup to perform fast, parallel quantum gates in longer ion strings. The second position is to set up a novel cryogenic Rydberg ion experiment.


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