Quantum Communication Systems Group (Tobias Heindel)

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QuCom Group (Tobias Heindel)

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Our group aims to develop systems for ultimate secure data communication using semiconductor-based quantum light sources. Exploiting quantum crypthography, in contrast to classical encryption schemes, allows for physical security in data communication, taking advantage of the quantum-mecahnical properties of single or multiple quantas of light.

To this end, we work on different kinds of implementations of quantum communication and explore the security of protocols, for e.g. quantum key distribution. For this purpose, we exploite the scalability of state-of-the-art quantum light sources as well as the peculiar quantum-mecahnical properties of light states generated with respective devices. The newly developed quantum-secured communication systems are expected to beat current limitations in the security level and the key rates. These efforts strive towards the goal of building an urban quantum communication network based on quantum light sources. Starting from the Campus at TU Berlin, we finally plan to link all three universities (TU, HU, and FU) as well as non-university institutes in the metropolitan area by a Berlin Quantum Network (BQN) - a joint effort of a Berlin-wide consortium of research groups.

Our group is funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) via the project 'QuSecure' (Grant No. 13N14876) as part of the funding initative 'Quantum Futur'.