Experimental PhD and postdoc positions in ultracold quantum gases in Barcelona

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Sunday, July 31, 2022

The Ultracold Quantum Gases group at ICFO (Barcelona), led by Leticia Tarruell, is inviting applications for one PhD and one postdoctoral position in experimental AMO physics, within the frame of the ERC-funded project SuperComp.

The research will focus on unconventional superfluidity in two-component Bose-Einstein condensates with tunable and competing interactions, induced by two mechanisms that the group has demonstrated during the last years: i) the importance of beyond mean-field effects when the total mean-field energy practically cancels out, which leads to the emergence of new quantum phases stabilized by quantum fluctuations such as quantum liquid droplets [Cabrera et al. Science 2018, Cheiney et al. PRL 2018]; ii) the engineering of new types of interactions in these systems via radio-frequency or optical coupling of the two components, which very recently allowed us to expand the scope of quantum simulation to topological gauge theories [Sanz et al. PRL 2022, Frölian et al. arXiv2022]. Now, our goal is to demonstrate other unconventional superfluid phases by combining the two mechanisms, and to extend this physics to the strongly interacting regime when confining the system to lower dimensions.

For more details on our group and our research consult www.qge.icfo.es

We are looking for PhD applicants who have already worked in a laser lab before and have a background in quantum optics, atomic physics or condensed-matter physics. Knowledge of some of the relevant technologies such as vacuum, electronics, optics or programming is certainly a plus, but motivation to work in a team is as important. You should be enthusiastic about setting up and conducting challenging experiments at the forefront of both fundamental quantum science and technology.

For postdocs, we are seeking for candidates with a PhD in ultracold atoms/ions or in quantum optics. We offer the opportunity to play a key role in planning and conducting the experiments, and provide access to excellent technical facilities and stimulating theoretical collaborations.

To apply, please send your CV and the name of two people who could provide letters of recommendation to Leticia Tarruell: leticia.tarruell@icfo.eu
A formal application should also be sent through the jobs.icfo.eu portal.
We aim at filling the positions during 2022, but are flexible with the starting date. However, we encourage you to send an expression of interest or a full application as soon as possible.