PhD position in Quantum Information Theory at the University of Luxembourg

The Quantum Theory group led by Prof. Adolfo del Campo at the University of Luxembourg is seeking a highly talented, diligent, and genuinely motivated young scientist willing to pursue a Ph.D. in Quantum Information Theory in a stimulating research-focused environment. An MSc in Physics or an equivalent degree is required to be considered for this position. The candidate needs to possess excellent written and oral English communication skills, a masterful command of the tools of theoretical physics, and an attitude for critical and creative thinking, as demonstrated by transcripts, MSc thesis, and possible prior publications. It is desired that the candidate is familiar with one or more of the following research topics: quantum computation and quantum information theory, quantum algorithms, complexity measures, information geometry, open quantum systems, nonequilibrium quantum phenomena, numerical, analytical, and cloud-computing methods for many-body quantum systems, and mathematical physics.

Research in the group is focused on non-equilibrium quantum phenomena with applications to Quantum Science and Technology. For an overview of recent research activities see

The group offers an attractive working atmosphere and has a long track record of theoretical and experimental collaborations worldwide.

Specific research topics include Krylov subspace algorithms, measures of complexity of quantum processes, quantum algorithms for quantum optimization, digital quantum simulation and computation, quantum control, shortcuts to adiabaticity and counter-diabatic driving of isolated and open quantum systems, decoherence, quantum channels, error suppression, and mitigation.

Applications should include:

List of Publications
Cover letter indicating your experience in solving challenging problems and how you match the advertised profile (research focus I and/or II)
The contact of three academic referees

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