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The theory groups at the Institute for Quantum Information of the Jülich-Aachen Research Alliance (JARA) are looking for a highly motivated candidate to fill a PhD position over the next few months. The doctoral project will focus on theoretical studies of physical implementations of quantum information processing, such as superconducting qubits, and enabling quantum technologies. The projects will be supervised by Dr. M.H. Ansari and may involve collaborations with leading experimental groups.

Multiphoton quantum interference is one of the most intriguing phenomena in quantum physics, and is at the very heart of quantum computing and metrology technologies. However, the post-classical sensing and computational capabilities of multiphoton networks are yet far from being fully explored in practical experimental scenarios.

This theoretical project aims to develop scalable sensing and computational techniques based on the use of optimal linear interferometers with experimentally available photonic input states. The main idea is to exploit the full quantum information encoded in the interferometric evolution of the input photonic quantum states by employing novel measurement techniques (e.g. iterative interferometric dynamics, conditional dynamics, multiplexing and correlation measurements sensitive to the photonic inner and spatial modes).

Start date: 1 October 2018 or 1 February 2019
Application deadline: 7 May 2018
Supervisors: Dr V Tamma, Dr H Yu (Univeresity of Portsmouth), Prof G Adesso (University of Nottingham)


  • Coherent energy transport in molecular systems, oriented towards clean energy applications
  • Coherent information manipulation using molecules, oriented towards quantum computing

Apply at your earliest convenience!

*** Update: Last few days. If you're applying and you need any help, contact us! ***

Competitive PhD position at the ICMol (University of Valencia) within the Program INPhINIT from “La Caixa” foundation

PhD position in CQT Singapore in “Quantum computation and quantum simulation with quantum optical systems”

The positions are within the Quantum Optics and Quantum Simulators Group lead by Dr. Dimitris G. Angelakis in the Centre of Quantum Technologies (


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