Post-doc position in research of Time Crystals

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Application deadline: 

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Research group: 

Principal Investigator: Krzysztof Sacha
phone: +48 12 664 4779, e-mail:

Scope of work:
The main task of the post-doc will be to analyze spontaneous symmetry breaking phenomena in periodically driven systems and their applications to time-tronics. It involves analytical calculations and large scale numerical simulations. Post-doc is supposed to prepare and run computer programs and collaborate closely with PhD students and master students, contribute in writing scientific publications and present results in scientific conferences and workshops.

Time crystals are quantum many-body systems that due to interactions between particles are able to spontaneously self-organize and start performing periodic motion. Spontaneous formation of periodic behavior in time is a temporal analogue of self-organization of atoms in space and formation of ordinary space crystals. Research on quantum time crystals was initiated by a Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek in 2012. Since then, research on time crystals has developed a lot. Periodically driven systems have become perfect platforms for investigation of time crystals. Spontaneous formation of periodic motion in such systems was proposed and experimentally realized. Various condensed matter phenomena have been predicted in periodically driven systems. For example, Anderson localization, many-body localization, insulating phases and topological phases have been theoretically demonstrated in the time domain.
Electronics, spintronics and atomtronics are fields where condensed matter phenomena are explored to research and realize useful devices. The described state-of-the-art indicates that we can already start developing condensed matter devices where time crystalline structures are the key element. This will pave the way for the new field of time-tronics which can be investigated in many different experimentally attainable systems. Our goal is to propose time-tronic devices and to find optimal experimental platforms for their realization and to convince scientists that time-tronics is attainable in present-day laboratories.

1. Holding a doctoral degree (obtained not earlier than 7 years before the year of employment in the project);
2. Having relevant scientific achievements;
3. Taking active part in scientific life;
4. An additional advantage will be:
a) experience in research of dynamical systems,
b) knowledge of methods of description of transition to chaos in systems with many degrees of freedom,
c) experience in theoretical description of ultra-cold atomic gases,
d) experience in large scale computer simulations.

Conditions of employment:
gross monthly salary 10.000,00 PLN
1+2 years (i.e. one year with a possible two year extension)
The start date of the employment is negotiable.
The Jagiellonian University does not provide housing.

Opening date: 25 July 2022.
Application submission deadline: 20 September 2022.
Applications should be sent by email to:
The candidates can be called for online interview.
The competitive selection process will be concluded by 30 September 2022.

The candidates, who would like to take part in the competitive selection process, should submit the following documents to Principal Investigator via e-mail:
1. application form;
2. resume;
3. copy of the doctoral diploma;
4. information on the candidate’s scientific achievements;
5. list of publications (along with the respective publishing houses and the number of pages);
6. two recommendation letters concerning the candidate’s research prepared by scientific supervisors;
7. information regarding processing of personal data;
8. declaration of the candidate, confirming that the Jagiellonian University will be their primary place of work.

Should they be selected in the competitive selection process, the following additional documents must be submitted:
9. declaration under Article 113 of the Law on Higher Education and Science;
10. declaration on acknowledging and accepting the rules and regulations concerning intellectual property management and commercialisation in force at the Jagiellonian University.

Declaration forms can be obtained at: