Post Doctoral Fellow and PhD in Experiemntal Quantum Optics

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Post doctoral and PhD positions are available at Data Storage Institute, Singapore
Two positions are available in a newly founded group to motivated scientists in the field of experimental quantum optics. The mainstream project is focused on generation of quantum light and its various applications. In particular, we will work on:

* Generation of higher dimension quantum carriers – qu-dits, exploiting the specific regime of Parametric down conversion (PDC), involving polarization, frequency and spatial entanglement. This will be used in development of quantum tomography protocols, novel tests of nonlocality and possible quantum cryptography applications.
* Generation and application of quantum states with a given number of photons and study of multi-photon correlations. We will start with a reliable generation of one photon from PDC and further on will increase the gain to study the transition to squeezing regime. In this project we also aim to develop a broad collaboration with interdisciplinary institutions in Singapore.

Qualifications: A particular background in experiments on parametric down conversion (PDC) or squeezing, attitude to intensive research work from a scratch.

Salary: The appointment is for 3 years. Salary provides comfortable living conditions in Singapore. The exact amount depends on the applicant’s experience.

Application: Positions are available from December 2008. Review of applications will begin immediately and continue unless the position is filled. Please send your application to , attach your CV, a list of research interests, names and e-mail addresses of referees.