Postdoc position for developing a novel source of squeezed light for quantum imaging

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Thursday, March 31, 2022

The groups of Prof. Maria Chekhova at Max-Planck Institute for the Science of Light (Erlangen, Germany) and Prof. Ulrik Andersen at the Technical University of Denmark (Lyngby, Denmark) are looking for an excellent, ambitious and proactive postdoc to work on the joint project ‘Quantum-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for bioimaging applications’ (QuRaman), funded by QuantERA. In this project we will build sources of pulsed squeezed light for the future use in a quantum-enhanced Raman microscope. We will also extend the existing technology of generating squeezed light by applying new materials and principles. The position is funded for 2 years, the first year to be spent in Germany and the second year in Denmark.

The candidate should have strong (and documented) experience in experimental optics and knowledge in quantum and nonlinear optics. In particular, expertise in some of the following areas is expected:

• design and construction of quantum optical setups
• generation of non-classical light
• homodyne tomography,
• electronics development,
• theory modelling and numerical simulations,
• Python programming.

Moreover, you should be highly motived and dedicated to perform research at the highest standards and you should be willing to work in larger teams.

Please send your CV and motivation letter to: before March 31, 2022.