Postdoctoral research position in quantum optics with atomic ensembles (QOAE)

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences, a centre based in Castelldefels (Barcelona, Spain), devoted to research and education of the optical and photonic sciences at the highest international level, is offering two postdoctoral positions to well-qualified, highly motivated and dynamic young scientists who wish to enhance their scientific career in a friendly and stimulating environment.

The successful candidate will be part of an emerging project carried out by Prof Hugues de Riedmatten's newly established Quantum Photonics with Solids and Atoms group. The group focuses on the quantum connection between single photons and atomic ensembles implemented with rare-earth doped solids and cold atomic gases. The goal is to control quantum effects, such as entanglement, in remote matter based systems, for applications in quantum information networks and repeaters.
The successful candidate will play a key role in a new project involving quantum storage in cold atomic gases in the single excitation regime. He/she will be responsible for the initial setup phase of the cold atom trap as well as for following experiments towards the quantum control of single collective spin excitations, which should provide enhanced capabilities in ensemble based quantum information processing. Possibilities to experimentally harness interactions between atomic excitations will also be explored.

'''Eligibility and Conditions'''
* Candidates must hold an internationally-recognized Ph.D.-equivalent degree (or evidence of its completion in the nearest future) in a field related to experimental quantum physics. The candidate should have a proven track record of experimental research in either quantum optics, experimental quantum information or atomic physics. Experience in laser cooling, ultra-high vacuum and photon counting technologies would be an advantage. Programming skills (Labview, Matlab, etc) would also be an asset.
* No restrictions of citizenship apply to the ICFO post-doctoral contracts.
* The contract is offered for periods of one year, renewable for a total of up to three years.

'''Application procedure'''
The formal application should be submitted by e-mail to: E-mail submissions must include the mailing label “QOAE” and your last name printed before the label. Suitable candidates are requested to submit:
* Presentation letter with a declaration of interest,
* Curriculum Vitae, including full address, a contact phone number and e-mail address,
* The contact e-mail of three potential referees.
* Applications can also be submitted by post to the Post-Doc Screening Committee (Ref. QOAE).
* Candidates should be willing to be contacted by phone during the selection process.

'''Deadlines and contact details'''
* The call will remain open until suitable candidates are identified.
* Candidates may contact for informal inquiries regarding the application, as well as address scientific inquiries to
* For updated information about ICFO, please visit