Quantum Many-Body Systems Division, Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics

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Quantum Many-Body Systems Divi

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Understanding interacting quantum many body system and engineering and exploiting such quantum systems for quantum information purposes or quantum simulations pose some of the most outstanding challenges in quantum physics.

Our research focusses on realizing and controlling such systems using ultracold atomic or molecular quantum gases. Starting with ultracold gases of degenerate quantum matter of bosons or fermions held in optical and magnetic traps, we e.g. impose crystals of light on top of the atoms in order to trap them in controlled periodic potentials. Such arrays can serve as versatile model systems for condensed matter physics, or as useful quantum information processors and effective setups for precision atomic and molecular physics measurements.

Furthermore, our group investigates the possibility of forming interfaces between the these many-body systems and light in order to generate novel non-classical light sources and quantum memories for light.