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Ph.D. and Postdoc positions are available in the integrated hybrid quantum circuits group at IQST University of Calgary.

We offer two four-year PhD positioions in Quantum InformatioTheory. The grant is run by dr hab. Marcin Wieśniak and is titled "Complex Entagled states: production and analysis". The research plan includes:
-studyinng toric codes in higher dimension
-work towards an optical demonstration of measurement-based quantum computation and analysis of effects of various physical errors
-studyning new self-testing Bell inequalities

The Quantum Optics and Information Laboratory (QOIL), founded in 2006, is the home of Geoff Pryde’s research group.

We perform experiments with photons – single particles of light – to investigate quantum information science and to study the fundamental laws of quantum physics. Our work is directed at developing the next generation of information and measurement technologies, whilst revealing the nature of the quantum world.

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