quantum algorithms

Applications are invited (on a competitive basis) for PhD scholarships (Government of Ireland funded) in theoretical quantum computation, at University of Galway. Areas of interest include quantum algorithms, quantum walks and quantum games. For initial enquiries, please email michael.mcgettrick@UniversityOfGalway.ie

Applications are invited (on a competitive basis) for Government of Ireland scholarships for postdoctoral work in quantum computing at the University of Galway. Areas of interest are quantum walks, quantum games and in general quantum algorithms. For initial enquiries please email michael.mcgettrick@universityofgalway.ie

Applications are invited for a postdoctoral position at the Centre for Quantum Computer Science, University of Latvia (https://www.quantum.lu.lv), lead by prof. Andris Ambainis. The Centre is among the strongest European research groups in quantum algorithms and currently consists of 20 researchers (including postdocs and graduate students). The Centre is known for its work on quantum walks and other methods for quantum algorithms, quantum lower bounds and record-breaking separations between quantum and classical algorithms.

Are you a mathematician? Or a computer scientist or quantum physics? Would you like to work on creating new quantum algorithms? Knowledge on quantum mechanics is not necessary! Instead, we will build on group theory and discrete mathematics. Quantum algorithms implement mathematical transforms using quantum bits over certain groups. This is like designing an algorithm for parallel computing.

Applications are invited for competitive (Hardiman) scholarships for PhD research at the University of Galway (Ireland). While the deadline is February 10, prospective applicants should get in touch well in advance of this date, ideally by the end of January. Email michael.mcgettrick@nuigalway.ie for initial discussions, topics of interest include Quantum Walks, Quantum Games and Quantum Algorithms generally. See also https://maths.nuigalway.ie/~gettrick/


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