quantum information

The Centre for Quantum Dynamics undertakes experimental and theoretical studies of the dynamics (the motions, and energy and momentum exchanges) of systems of particles whose behaviour is governed by quantum mechanics. Specifically, the Centre activities include research in laser and collisions atomic physics, quantum optics, atom optics, quantum mechanics and quantum computing.

Principal research problems being addressed by the Centre include elucidation of the fundamental properties of photon and electron interactions with atoms, exploration of the relation between quantum dynamics and quantum measurement, investigation of lithographic applications of atom optics, and new ideas in quantum computing.

A major theme of the Centre is to promote the cross fertilisation of ideas between the theoretical and experimental physicists involved. The work of the Centre focuses on the pursuit of leading edge research and provides an exciting environment for the training of research higher degree, honours and capable undergraduate students.

The group works on a very broad spectrum of problems, from standard quantum optics, through physics of matter, to quantum information theory, and physics of ultracold atoms.

The group will continue tradition of the Hannover group and work on a very broad spectrum of problems; from standard quantum optics, through physics of matter in ultra-intense and ultra-short laser pulses, to quantum information theory (mathematical foundation and implementations in atomic, quantum optical and condensed matter systems), and physics of ultracold atoms (from weakly interacting systems, non-linear atom optics) to strongly correlated systems, lattice gases, Hubbard models etc.

Attosecond physics
Disordered ultra-cold atomic gases
Dynamics of entanglement in many-body systems
Frustrated ultra-cold atomic gases
Local Quantum Information Processing
Ultra-cold atomic gases in non-abelian gauge fields
Quantum channel capacities
Theory of entanglement
Ultracold atom and atomic gases: laser cooling and manipulations
Ultracold dipolar gases


41° 16' 31.3356" N, 1° 59' 21.7032" E

Quantum Technology at Queens (QTeQ) researches into the field of quantum information processing and quantum optics applications.


Queen's University Belfast
Belfast 54° 35' 1.5972" N, 5° 55' 52.8636" W

Head: Artur Ekert
Institution: Centre for Quantum Computation , DAMTP Wilberforce Road Cambridge CB3 0WA, U.K.
E-mail: K.K.Hampson (at) damtp.cam.ac.uk

quantum cryptography, quantum computing, quantum information science, entanglement and nonlocality theory, topological quantum computation, quantum foundations

Permanent Staff
Nilanjana Datta

Artur Ekert
Adrian Kent
Johan Aberg
Dimitris Angelakis
Garry Bowen
Matthias Christandl
Roger Colbeck
Marie Ericsson
Berry Groisman
Lawrence Ioannou
Alastair Kay
Lluis Masanes
Graeme Mitchison
Jonathan Oppenheim
Renato Renner
Sonia Schirmer
Rob Spekkens

Graduate Students
Robert König
Toshio Ohshima
Peter Pemberton-Ross
Roberta Rodriquez
Xiaoting Wang

Visiting Students
Simon Devitt


Wilberforce Road
Cambridge 52° 13' 37.0488" N, 0° 8' 16.8576" E


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