The Vienna Center for Quantum Science and Technology (VCQ) is a joint collaboration initiative, which currently involves about 25 research groups based at four leading research institutions in and around Vienna. The aim of the VCQ is to advance modern quantum science and technology based on a broad and multidisciplinary research agenda. The topics addressed within VCQ range from the foundations of quantum mechanics to complex quantum optical and many-body effects and their application for emerging quantum technologies.

The Ultracold Quantum Gases group at ICFO (Barcelona), led by Leticia Tarruell, is inviting applications for one PhD and one postdoctoral position in experimental AMO physics, within the frame of the ERC-funded project SuperComp.

We are inviting applications to fill a PhD position to join the theory research group led by Carlos Gonzalez-Ballestero. The group is sponsored by the Quantum Nanophysics, Optics, and Information group that is jointly affiliated with the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the University of Innsbruck and the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Innsbruck, Austria.

Are you passionate about exploring fundamental differences between the quantum and classical realms and working towards the next generation of technology? We are looking for two motivated PhD students to join our team at Griffith University's Quantum Optics and Information Laboratory (QOIL) in sunny Brisbane, Australia. One of the open positions is focused on developing novel photonic resources for quantum computation and communication, while the other position is on exploring nonlocality in quantum networks.

Experimental PhD position (m/f/d, E 13 TV-L) within Research Unit FOR 5413 / University of Tübingen

Cold Rydberg quantum spin systems in optical cavities

The many-body cavity QED group of the Center of Quantum Science at the University of Tübingen is seeking an ambitious PhD student with passion for quantum physics who will work on our cold Rydberg atom / optical cavity experiment.


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