Title Application deadline Job type
Quantum Faculty positions in Amsterdam 01/04/2022 Professorship
Research Engineer for the aQCess quantum computing platform 22/03/2022 Other, PostDoc
Chief Research Engineer for the aQCess quantum computing platform 22/03/2022 Other, PostDoc
Managing Director for the aQCess quantum computing platform 22/03/2022 Other
POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW - Chirality, Spin Coherence, and Entanglement in Quantum Biology at Arizona State University (ASU) and UCLA 01/04/2022 PostDoc
Junior Research Group Leader (CS, Uni Paderborn, Germany) 31/03/2022 Other, PostDoc, Professorship
Postdoc position for nano-fabrication specialist for quantum networks with superconducting circuits, rare-earth ions and integrated photonics (Singapore) 25/06/2022 PostDoc
Postdoctoral position in quantum optics at University of Oxford 15/03/2022 PostDoc
Doctoral and Postdoctoral Positions in Quantum Information and TCS (100%, 2-3 years) at Ruhr University Bochum 07/03/2022 PhD, PostDoc
Postdoc for the development of quantum computing applications 27/02/2022 PostDoc
Postdoctoral position in the Theory of Quantum Computing with Trapped Rydberg Ions 20/03/2022 PostDoc
Professorship in Theoretical Physics (W1) with tenure track to W3 (f/m/d) 24/03/2022 PostDoc, Professorship
Postdoctoral position in theoretical quantum metrology and sensing 31/12/2022 PostDoc
Postdoctoral Position in Ultrafast Quantum Optics 01/03/2022 PostDoc
Postdoctoral & PhD positions in Nonequilibrium Quantum Matter @ National University of Singapore 01/08/2022 PhD, PostDoc
Research Associate, Quantum Algorithms 25/02/2022 PhD, PostDoc
Research Scientist in Quantum Error Correction 31/07/2022 Other
Postdoc position for developing a novel source of squeezed light for quantum imaging 31/03/2022 PostDoc
Postdoc position in experimental quantum interferometry 15/03/2022 PostDoc
Research Assistant in quantum networks of superconducting circuits mediated by telecom photons (Singapore) 01/05/2022 Other