Title Application deadline Job type
PhD Position in Quantum Communications at University of Leeds 22/02/2019 PhD
PhD in Circuit compilers for near-term quantum computers 01/03/2019 PhD
PhD Funding 15/02/2019 PhD
Research Engineer / Research Associate / Research Fellow (Experimental Quantum Communication) 31/03/2019 Other, PostDoc
Two postdocs available in the computer science department of Bergen, Norway 05/02/2019 PostDoc
Postdoctoral Position in Quantum Computing applied to Quantum Chemistry at Chalmers 31/01/2019 PostDoc
Postdoc in Malta in topological optomechanics 01/05/2019 PostDoc
2 PhD positions in Continuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution at University of York, UK. 05/03/2019 PhD
Full Professor Position in the Field of "Quantum Algorithms" 07/02/2019 Professorship
Research Associate 08/02/2019 PostDoc
Postdoctoral Researcher in Quantum Theory for Early Quantum Computers 15/02/2019 PostDoc
Algebraic Geometry methods for Matrix Product States 14/02/2019 PostDoc
3 PhD positions in experimental quantum optics at Lund University, Sweden 06/02/2019 PhD
Experimental postdoc position in ultracold quantum gases at ICFO, Barcelona 03/01/2019 PostDoc
Two Postdoctoral Positions in Experimental Quantum Optics and Quantum Information with Cold Atoms at LKB, Paris PostDoc
Postdoctoral research fellow | Quantum engineering and verification of multi-photon states of light 31/01/2019 PostDoc
PhD position in multipartite entanglement. 18/01/2019 PhD
Postdoctoral Position in “Quantum computation and quantum simulation with near term quantum devices for industry and business problems” in CQT Singapore 09/02/2019 PostDoc
Associate Professor/Junior Associate Professor position at YITP Kyoto University Professorship
Research Associate - CV - QKD for Free-Space Communications 03/02/2019 PostDoc