Title Application deadline Job type
PhD position on simulation of large repeater networks 31/12/2018 PhD
Tenure Track Faculty Positions - School of Computing Science, Simon Fraser University 01/12/2018 Professorship
4 PhD positions available at Department of Informatics, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway 09/12/2018 PhD
post-doc positions at LRI : quantum computation, formal methods, numerical methods 31/12/2018 PostDoc
Asst. Prof., tenure track in Quantum Technology at Chalmers University, Sweden - continuous-variable quantum computing with superconducting circuits and microwaves 15/01/2019 Professorship
PhD students in experimental quantum computing at Chalmers University, Sweden 10/12/2018 PhD
Postdoctoral Positions in Quantum Computing at Argonne National Laboratory PostDoc
PhD position in Multipartite entanglement research 21/11/2018 PhD
Faculty positions at QuICS 15/12/2018 Professorship
Two Postdoctoral Positions in Experimental Quantum Optics and Quantum Information with Cold Atoms at Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, Paris PostDoc
Postdoctoral Associate or Senior Research Associate at NIST, Boulder 08/12/2018 Other, PostDoc
Theoretical Chemistry Postdoc Position in Quantum Computing 15/12/2018 PostDoc
Lecturer, Senior Lecturer or Reader in Quantum Information 16/12/2018 Professorship
Postdoctoral Positions in Experimental and Theoretical Quantum Computing 28/02/2019 PostDoc
Postdoc 29/11/2018 PostDoc
Funded PhD Studentship in Nanoscale Quantum Magnetometry - University of Cambridge 13/01/2019 PhD
Post-doctoral position in theoretical ultra-cold atomic physics 15/11/2018 PostDoc
PhD position in quantum foundations and quantum information theory 15/12/2018 PhD
6-years Researcher Position at the Physics of Information and Quantum Technologies Group, Lisbon 07/12/2018 PostDoc
Postdoctoral Position in “Quantum optics/quantum information and quantum many-body systems (theory)” in CQT Singapore 08/12/2018 PostDoc