Nottingham Anne McLaren Fellowship 2010 - CALL FOR FEMALE POSTDOCS

Anne McLaren Fellowships 2010

Applications are invited for these prestigious postdoctoral fellowships funded by the University and targeted at excellent women scientists and engineers, under-represented in these subjects, who wish to establish a research career in the UK . The Fellowships will commence in October 2010.

As this scheme offers a recognised first step into an independent research career, candidates must have submitted a PhD (viva does not need to have taken place) and have had no more than four years full-time postdoctoral experience by 1 October 2009. Career breaks such as maternity leave, EU national service and Voluntary Service Overseas can be discounted but teaching experience and/or time spent in industry since the award of a PhD should be included in the total amount of postdoctoral experience. Part-time appointments would be considered on a pro-rata basis. Individuals who have been promised or already have a permanent position are considered to have achieved the aims of the scheme already and will not be eligible. The scheme is designed to offer support and flexibility.

Each fellowship offers:

• Two years independent funding for research to be based at the University of Nottingham .

• The possibility of holding appointments on a part-time basis or of converting from full-time to part-time and back again to help match work and family commitments.

• The possibility of claiming some funds for family support where these can be justified on scientific grounds, for example, cost of childcare during a conference or collaborative visit abroad.

• The possibility of reclaiming maternity leave.

• The option of participating in a mentor scheme and career advice as required.

Subjects covered:

Science, Engineering and Technology, Medicine.

* For Quantum Information see