Open Digital Quantum Simulations in Circuit QED Quantum Computing

Interested in doing a PhD in experimental quantum computing? Come to Sydney and join the circuit QED lab led by A/Prof Nathan Langford to do experimental quantum computing research at the University of Technology Sydney. Full scholarships on offer for international & domestic students (including generous tax-free stipends and tuition fees) through the Sydney Quantum Academy. Final applications due to the Sydney Quantum Academy by Monday October 2!!

Sydney in Australia has a lot to offer as a top destination with internationally renowned quantum science research centres.
We welcome applications from enthusiastic and motivated PhD applicants for Sydney Quantum Academy PhD scholarships to work with A/Prof Langford in the Millikelvin Quantum Science laboratory for experiments in circuit quantum electrodynamics (circuit QED).

But with final applications due Monday 2/10, time is running out, so contact A/Prof Langford on as soon as possible. Please contact me by Sunday 24th of September !!

Open Digital Quantum Simulations in Circuit QED Quantum Computing

In the wake of recent groundbreaking progress in building better-than-classical quantum processors, circuit QED systems based on nanofabricated superconducting quantum circuits have emerged as the leading experimental platform for scaleable quantum computing, with major quantum computing efforts from global tech companies like Google, IBM, Huawei and Baidu.

In our group, we study circuit QED based quantum processors to understand key technologies for quantum computing, like quantum simulations and quantum control. Our research interests cover a broad range of areas, like digitisation techniques for quantum simulations, quantum measurement and feedback, quantum device characterisation and control, device modelling, quantum fundamentals, open and driven quantum systems, quantum chaos and microwave-to-optical frequency conversion.

In this project, you will join an exciting new research program studying digital quantum simulations in open systems. You will explore the effects of digitisation-induced noise on quantum simulation performance, and also study the capability of using novel noise engineering techniques to model complex open quantum systems. This project builds on previous work here and here, and is part of a collaboration with leading local and international theorists. You will develop strong experimental skills in quantum device design, simulation, fabrication and characterisation, cryogenic microwave measurements, and expertise in quantum information theory and algorithms.

Sydney Quantum Academy PhD Scholarships

We have very competitive full scholarships on offer for international & domestic students (including generous tax-free stipends of $35k per year and tuition fee waivers for non-Australians) through the Sydney Quantum Academy ( The core of the Sydney Quantum Academy is a joint training program for PhD students who will undertake a four-year program, including 6 months worth of advanced quantum science subjects run by experts from across the four partner universities (UTS, UNSW, and Sydney and Macquarie Unis), as well as the SQA PhD Experience, which is broad research and industry skills training program. Final applications due Monday 2nd of October !!

Applications must be supported by a quantum science academic based at one of the Sydney partner institutions. Please email me at ASAP if you are interested in joining our group. Please include your CV, your academic transcript (undergraduate and honours/masters), the names of at least 2 referees, along with a brief cover note to introduce yourself.

We support a diverse and inclusive research environment in our group.

For detailed Sydney Quantum Academy application instructions, see

Group Leader: Associate Professor Nathan K Langford

After a PhD in experimental photonic quantum information with Prof Andrew White at the University of Queensland, A/Prof Langford conducted postdoctoral research in leading European research groups, including those of Prof Anton Zeilinger (University of Vienna), Prof Ian Walmsley (Oxford University) and Prof Leo DiCarlo (QuTech, Delft University of Technology). Joining the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at UTS as an Associate Professor and ARC Future Fellow, he has set up a new research group and established a state-of-the-art cryogenic quantum science facility for cutting-edge experiments in circuit QED.

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