Theory and Experiment

Quantum Frontier Group (QFG) is a joint research group of two laboratories in the Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering at Hiroshima University in Japan. Our purpose is to combine theoretical and experimental research on quantum systems to achieve a better understanding of quantum mechanics based on actual effects and phenomena in the real world.

Group Leaders:
Prof Holger F Hofmann, Prof Masataka Iinuma

The Coherence and Quantum Technology group exploits its unique combination of cold atom, plasma and beam physics to achieve new understanding and novel applications

Quantum Science and Technology in Trento

Q@TN is a joint laboratory of University of Trento, Bruno Kessler Foundation, Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, and Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, aimed at coordinating their on-going activities and to start new ones in the field of Quantum Science and Technologies

The working group develops theoretical foundations for quantum system design and demonstrates quantum advantages specifically in the domain of optical signal processing.

The research agenda includes the following main topics:

Emulation of future hybrid quantum communication networks. Our goal is to facilitate the interaction of theoretically and experimentally oriented groups and thus accelerate the design of new quantum communication networks.

This is one of the first labs in India to manufacture and establish the usage of entangled and heralded single photon sources towards various applications in quantum science and technologies.


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