Theory and Experiment

Welcome to Qove Laboratory! We are a research team located at the National University of Singapore and focused on designing and building Quantum Technologies with an emphasis on Quantum Networks. Our experimental platforms include superconducting circuits, rare-earth ions in solid-state and integrated photonics. Contact us to know more about our exciting projects and how you can be a part of it!

We are a charity organization aiming to support education, research, development and collaboration in science and new technologies, especially Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing, but also other fields on Mathematics and Computer Science. The Foundation was founded on 20.11.2019 by Paweł Gora and it is registered in Poland. You can find more formal information on the website of the Polish court:

The Quantum Computing Institute in Cape Town (QCI-CT) aims to advance the field of quantum information and develop new quantum technologies.

Cold Atom group in Nice.
We have 4 cold atom experiments (3 with Rubidium, 1 with Ytterbium atoms) and several hot vapor experiments. We also perform intensity correlation (Hanbury-Brown & Twiss) studies applied to astrophysics.

Our research is focused on quantum communications (QKD theory and engineering, quantum networks, quantum repeaters) , quantum information (quantum cryptography, quantum information theory) and quantum computing, in particular optical quantum computing.


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