Theory and Experiment

Research Themes - Quantum probing & sensing - Nonclassical state engineering - Continuous variable quantum information - Open quantum systems & information dynamics - Quantum coherence & correlations - Experimental Quantum Optics - Quantum Walks & Quantum transport - Complex quantum systems - Cooperative light scattering by cold atomic systems - Positronium and antimatter experiments

The Quantum Nanophotonics Laboratory is led by Ikerbasque Research Professor Gabriel Molina-Terriza. We are a team of scientists endeavoruing to unveil the physics of the interactions of quantum light and matter at the nanoscale. We experiment with exotic states of light such as single photon states, entangled photons or squeezed states of light and force them to interact with very small structures. We aim to control the quantum features of nanoparticles by exploiting their interaction with light.

We are an interdisciplinary team combining expertise in different fields such as quantum information, quantum and classical cryptography, mathematics and quantum optics. Examples of our research interests include quantum random number generators, quantum key distribution but also any other cryptographic tasks with a quantum advantage. One particular focus of ours is to introduce methods for certifying the quantum behaviour of devices; this is closely related to the device-independent approach to quantum information.

In our work, we focus on supporting and integrating the local scientific community by organizing seminars and meetings, promoting student initiatives and faculty-wide events, and dissemination of information via the website and Twitter. Bearing in mind the international nature of modern science, through fellowship programs, we want to enable cooperation and visits by outstanding foreign scientists for short or long-term visits.


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