Open position for Postdoctoral Fellow at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) in the group of Asst. Prof. Dario Poletti.

We are looking for somebody with experience with Matrix Product States (or similar) to study the dynamics of manybody quantum open systems with particular emphasis on transport issues. The position is for 2 years.

Application deadline: 
Monday, May 15, 2017

In conjunction with Leonardo MW Ltd, the Department of Computer Science is offering a fully funded PhD studentship at the University of York. Quantum detection is an emerging field which has been applied in the optical domains and is now being scaled to microwave frequencies to make “quantum radar”. A theoretical exploration of the subject is needed to determine the potential improvements in detection performance (e.g. range and robustness against noise) which quantum technology offers when compared to current “classical” detection methods.

Application deadline: 
Friday, June 30, 2017
Sunday, September 17, 2017
Submission deadline: 
Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Registration deadline: 
Thursday, August 31, 2017

With great pleasure, we announce that the 9th edition of the Quantum Optics conference will be held in Gdańsk at the Baltic sea in Poland on 17th - 23rd September 2017 (17.09.2017 arrival, 23.09.2017 departure).

The registration for the conference Quantum Optics IX is already open at


01/04/2017: On-line registration open

30/04/2017: Abstract for contributed talks submission deadline

We invite applications for a postdoctoral position in the Functional Materials Group at the University of Kent, under the supervision of Dr Gunnar Möller. We are looking for candidates with enthusiasm for numerical simulations to join an EPSRC funded research project. In this project, we will investigate the equilibrium and non-equilibrium many-body physics arising in time-reversal invariant topological band structures based on density matrix renormalisation group methods.

Application deadline: 
Thursday, May 4, 2017

Applications are invited for one Postdoctoral Research Assistant to study mechanisms of energy transport in multi-chromophore systems in the quantum information science group of Dr. Animesh Datta at the University of Warwick, UK.

The post is available initially for fixed-term duration of 24 months, with extensions of 12 or more months contingent on additional funding. The starting date is expected to be no later than September 01, 2017.

Application deadline: 
Tuesday, May 23, 2017

We are happy to announce the opening of the call for applications to the new edition of the Doctoral Programme in the Physics and Mathematics of Information: Foundations of Future Information Technologies (DP-PMI), starting in September 2017.

The DP-PMI aims at providing advanced curricular and research training in the recent developments and fundamental challenges in information sciences and technologies, namely in:

Application deadline: 
Sunday, April 30, 2017

A PhD position is available on the enabling technologies for long-distance trust-free QKD networks. This is one of the 15 positions available at the innovative training network QCALL (Quantum Communications for ALL), funded by the EU Marie-Sklodowska Curie Programme. These are very well-funded doctoral positions with annual salaries plus allowance roughly ranging from €52,000-€58,000 in Leeds. You will be employed by the University of Leeds for three years. Your PhD tuition fees will also be waived by the University.

Application deadline: 
Sunday, April 30, 2017

PhD Scholarship in the Engineering of Hybrid Quantum Systems

Application deadline: 
Thursday, April 20, 2017

Many theoretical challenges need to be solved in order to implement the first quantum networks. In this PhD position, you will have the opportunity to solve some of these practical challenges. You will join the theory group of David Elkouss in QuTech at TU Delft and will work in close collaboration with the experimental groups of Ronald Hanson and Tim Taminiau and with the theory group of Stephanie Wehner.

Application deadline: 
Monday, May 1, 2017

We are offering one appointment for a postdoctoral scholar pending funds approval. The scholar will join our group efforts to explore quantum optics, circuit QED, cavity QED, quantum optomechanics, integrated photonics, and optical physics systems and their applications to information technologies at INAOE Monterrey. Particular projects will be discussed with the candidates on an individual basis.

Application deadline: 
Tuesday, May 30, 2017