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We are looking for motivated and talented PhD students and postdoctoral researchers for the theoretical quantum computing research group of Prof. Martin Kliesch at the Hamburg University of Technology, Germany.

We value creativity, mathematical rigor, and openness to interdisciplinary collaborations.

If you are interested in exploring gate-based quantum computing to understand non-equilibrium quantum many-body physics for a PhD, follow this link to learn more about the opening in our research group.

I am seeking for a Post-doc in Quantum information Foundation at the University of Gdańsk, Poland. The position is offered for up to 18 months wits salary of 10000 PLN before taxation.T he NCN SONATA-BIS project includes research on error correcting codes, nonclassicality of squeezed vacuum states, or analysis of error in cluster state computation. Candidates should posses a Ph.D. diploma in physics. The following documents:
A copy of a PhD certificate
Two reference letters from academic staff
Scientific CV
Motivtional letter

The post of Research Associate (post-doctoral) is to conduct research on the theory of quantum algorithms within the interdisciplinary project Distributed Quantum Computing & Applications funded by the UK EPSRC. The work concerns the mathematical development and rigorous complexity analysis of quantum algorithms for the early fault-tolerance regime, where quantum processing units only feature a limited number of logical qubits allowing to run small size digital schemes.

Applications are invited for the position of Junior Research Fellow (JRF) in the Department of Physics at BITS
Pilani, K. K. Birla Goa Campus, Goa, India for an sponsored research project titled “Real-Time Dynamics Of
Quarks And Gluons: A Quantum Simulation Approach”.


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