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We are seeking for a talented and independent graduate student who wishes to develop her/his scientific career in a productive and motivating environment. This doctoral degree project will be carried out in the quantum photonics group led by Ana Predojevic (http://qphotonics.fysik.su.se). The successful candidate should have interest in quantum optics, quantum metrology, or quantum technologies.

We are seeking a highly motivated PhD student to work on theoretical aspects related to quantum many-body physics. Research topics can include:

- non-equilibrium processes in synthetic quantum matter

- dynamical phases in light-matter systems

- fluctuations and correlations in open quantum systems

- application of advanced numerical methods (e.g. machine learning or tensor networks) to the dynamics of open and closed quantum systems

- quantum cellular automata and quantum enhanced neural network designs

Applications are invited for a tenure track position in Quantum Computing at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Hong Kong.

HKU is a leading research university and a highly international environment. As of 2020, it was ranked third in Asia and 22nd internationally by QS, and fourth in Asia and 35th internationally by THE.


We are recruiting an Early Stage Researcher (ESR) to work in the Marie Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN) “Applications and Hardware for Photonic Quantum Information Processing (AppQInfo)”. The ITN will provide multidisciplinary training culminating in PhDs awarded by Imperial College London.


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