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The Quantum Nonlocality, Foundations and Information group led by Yeong-Cherng Liang is hiring two postdoctoral researchers to work on topics pertinent to quantum resources (entanglement, Bell nonlocality, etc). The group is based at the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) at Tainan, Taiwan but maintains active international collaborations with prominent researchers from various institutions.

We are the Quantum Circuits Research & Engineering Workgroup (qcrew) in Singapore. We focus on building quantum devices using superconducting circuits to provide crucial building blocks for quantum computers and versatile testbeds for exploring novel phenomena in quantum physics. We have multiple Ph.D and post-doc openings for motivated young scientist with backgrounds in experimental physics or engineering to join our team. For more details, go to our team website at www.quantumcrew.org or contact Yvonne directly.


Thursday, June 11, 2020 to Friday, June 12, 2020

We are organising a two-day event at the University of York in collaboration with York Interdisciplinary Centre for Cyber Security, which brings researchers in Quantum Information, Complexity and Cryptography together. The goal is to cover recent topics in these areas and facilitate interactions between them. The event is generously sponsored by the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research and York CS department. We hope to have mathematicians, physicists and computer scientists alike at the event. The event will be held on 11 & 12 June 2020.

We seek up to two highly motivated, skilled and independent researchers to join our research group at CQT and NUS ECE.

This Manifesto collects some principles and commitments about the quantum software engineering and programming field, as well as some calls for action. This is the result of the discussion and different viewpoints of academia and industry practitioners who joined at the first International Workshop on QuANtum SoftWare Engineering & pRogramming (QANSWER) promoted by aQuantum in a splendid place: the School of Computer Science, in the Campus of Talavera de la Reina of the University of Castilla-La Mancha.


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