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There is an opening for a postdoctoral fellow to work at the QuSys Group at Trinity College Dublin starting around October 2020 with some flexibility in the precise date. The QuSys group is a young, dynamic and international group lead by Prof. John Goold. The groups interests are diverse ranging from thermodynamics of quantum systems and quantum transport in non equilibrium steady states (NESS) to quantum information and many-body physics. The position is initially for 2 years and can be extended further.

For our new project on single time-bin entangled photon pairs from semiconductor quantum dots in collaboration with the universities of Münster (Germany)  and Linz (Austria) we are looking for a post-doc with experience in quantum optics, ideally with semiconductors and sources of nonclassical light. This experience should be documented by a strong publication record.

PhD position in ICT available in Trento (Italy) on
"Quantum Annealing for SAT Solving"
under the supervision of prof. Roberto Sebastiani (DISI, University of Trento)
in collaboration with D-Wave Systems Inc. (http://www.dwavesys.com)
sponsored by Q@TN Project (https://www.quantumtrento.eu)
!! Deadline: June 15 th , 2020 !!

We will soon announce 1 PhD and 1 postdoc position in the group of Jędrzej Kaniewski within a SONATA project "Fundamental aspects of the quantum set of correlations" funded by the National Science Centre, Poland. The potential research topics include:

A fully funded PhD position is available in the Quantum Optics group at the University of Leipzig (Germany)

KEYWORDS: Ultracold Rydberg atoms, High-resolution UV spectroscopy, Ion-pair states, Cold plasmas


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