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Applications are invited for ​a postdoctoral research​ position in the theory of​ modern quantum algorithms.

The position will be held at ​Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (​Skoltech), Moscow, Russia. ​The start date is flexible but we would like to fill these position(s) as soon as possible.

The successful applicant will work in the research laboratory structure led by Prof Jacob Biamonte in the general area of quantum computation, with a focus on quantum enhanced algorithms and error mitigation on experimental devices.

Argonne Requisition Number: 407185
Area: quantum computing or quantum communication (including quantum compiling, error correction, quantum networking, software stack development, or theory)

Location: Argonne National Laboratory

Duration: up to 3 years with yearly renewal
Start date: flexible, position available immediately
Salary: $90,000 per year

Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Job ID: 20617
Location: Main Campus
Position Description

Area: Simulation of quantum many body systems with emphasis on topological materials
Duration: 2 years (with potential for renewal)
Start date: September 1, 2020*
Salary: $50,000 per year, plus University of Calgary Plan C Benefits

QWebinar: The Potential Impact of Quantum Computers on Society by Ronald de WolfWe invite you to the next QWorld seminar. In this talk, Ronald de Wolf will consider the potential impact that the nascent technology of quantum computing may have on society. He focuses on three areas: cryptography, optimization, and simulation of quantum systems. He will also discuss some ethical aspects of these developments, and ways to mitigate the risks. Based on: R. de Wolf. The potential impact of quantum computers on society. In Ethics and Information Technology, 19(4):271-276, 2017 https://arxiv.org/abs/1712.05380

The SAMPL Lab at the Weizmann Institute of Science offers a postdoctoral position within the project C'MON-QSENS! (Continuously Monitored Quantum Sensors: Smart Tools and Applications) funded by QuantERA EU program in Quantum Technologies. The appointment will be for a two years term, (possibly) renewable for a third year.


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