Title Application deadline Job type
Senior experimental physicist 14/09/2023 Other
Junior experimental physicist 14/09/2023 Other
Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Programme 10/12/2023 Fellowship
Quantum optics in GHz time-varying metamaterials 15/09/2023 PhD
PhD Quantum Computing for computational chemistry 31/12/2023 PhD
Postdoc (Research Associate), Quantum Informatics, University of Edinburgh 25/09/2023 PostDoc
Assistant/Associate Professor Quantum Computer Science 30/09/2023 Professorship
Postdoc Position in Quantum Networks 31/12/2024 PostDoc
PhD Position Quantum Networks 31/12/2024 PhD
PhD position (FPI fellowship) on Complex Quantum Systems for Machine Learning 10/09/2023 PhD
PhD and Postdoc positions in nonequilibrium quantum dynamics group 24/09/2023 PhD, PostDoc
Postdoc in Quantum computing, Senior research fellow, Edinburgh 14/09/2023 PostDoc
Postdoc in Quantum Computing in Edinburgh (2 positions) 12/09/2023 PostDoc
Quantum Simulation Scientist 20/09/2023 PostDoc
Research Fellowship in Quantum Physics 31/08/2023 PostDoc
PhD and postdoctoral position in the theory of hybrid quantum devices 30/09/2023 PhD, PostDoc
Tenure Track Assistant Professor position in experimental Quantum Information Science at UMBC 15/11/2023 Professorship
Ph.D. positions in quantum foundations, quantum information theory and gravitational quantum physics 28/08/2023 PhD
PhD in quantum simulation and sensing with trapped ions at the University of Sydney 29/09/2023 PhD
Postdoc and PhD in quantum simulations of chemical dynamics at the University of Sydney 30/09/2023 PhD, PostDoc